The Carnival Rumors

There’s a rumor floating around that I plan on recording “Carnival” and singing it in Spanish. That’s not exactly what I’m planning. Singing it in Spanish, Portuguese, French and a new English version is the crazy idea I have. I am planning to record a multilingual version of the tune. Let’s leave it there for right now.


My First Cover Song

I’ve finally recorded my first cover tune. The obvious choice of course “bei mir bist du schon” by Composer Sholom Secunda & lyricist Jacob Jacobs. (Come on now, the obvious choice was a little funny no?) This tune was made famous by the great Ella Fitzgerald with Benny Goodman & the Andrew Sisters in the early 1940’s. I cannot explain why the song had such an effect on me. I was downloading big band tunes, which I’ve always loved. I came across this song. I didn’t know what to make of it. It was “otherworldly” I listened to Andrew Sisters version first, then learned more about the song and the story behind. It felt like history reached right thru time and grabbed me by the neck. When I say I had a vision, I really did. It was bizarre, I heard it in my head with acoustic guitars and a “lone violin” I called producer & engineer Paul Kronk at the Power Station that I had recently worked with and ran the idea past him, knowing that he was usually pretty supportive of new ideas & out of left field concepts. He told me he thought I’d taken leave of my senses, (as nicely as he could of course)

But I was on a mission, & wouldn’t let it go. Paul being the open minded soul that he is, appeased me and arranged for me to meet with violinist Brian Purwin who listened to the Andrew Sisters version of the song and then heard my idea for song. He had a look of confusion on his face that I can’t quite put into words. Then we started to play. It’s nice to be right.

Take a listen


New Acoustic Album

Finished recording the debut KainAndAble album, and we’ve decided that this one album does not show the duality of the KainAndAble sound. The two sides of K&A (Electric & Acoustic) are so different from another, that an acoustic album should be recorded now & release a double debut. That’s what we’re doing! It’s going be great!


Holding On By A Thread

I played the song “Holding On By A Thread” live for the first time ever. It wasn’t on stage, but at an impromptu jam session after the infamous “Live Oaks” shows. Un- unbeknownst to me the video cameras were rolling. For everyone that has asked me to play this song live, here you go.


New Album

Recording a new album in 2013. I’ll be joined by singer, songwriter, guitarist Matthew O’Keefe for this new album. We’ve been working behind closed doors on arrangements of songs I’ve written over the past few years and a couple tunes we’ve written together. This is a great new sound. We’re going to release this new album the name KainAndAble.