Holding On By A Thread

I’ve been asked so many times to play “Holding On By A Thread” live, I never have. It’s such a dark song; it scares me to be in the same room with it. I’ve never included it on a set list. In November 2013, I did few marathon shows at Live Oaks back to back, hadn’t slept for two days,(it shows) and decided to sit down with the crew for an impromptu jam session. I remember feeling like death warmed over. It’s maybe why I broke into the first ever live performance of “Holding On By A Thread” All be it in front of a very small audience of crew from the Live Oaks shows. That’s video producer Tyler Council & bassist Player Guillermo Vega on guitar with me. This was the one and only time we played it. The guys didn’t know what I was going to play. Neither did I till I broke into it. Unbeknownst to me some of the crew picked up video cameras’ and started taping. What you see here is as raw as it gets.


Life During Wartime

LDWT written by the great David Byrne is one of my favorite songs of all-time. This video was shot live at a show Central Florida late summer 2013. We certainly knew the cameras were rolling, what you can’t see here is the fact that this song was not on the set list; the band had never played it before. We went on late, way later than we expected, we were tired with no sleep from previous night, it was crazy hot, bugs and giant mosquitoes every where. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I just broke into the song the guys followed, if we were going over the cliff, we were going together. It felt great to play it, but I was sure it had to have felt a lot better than it actually sounded. As it turns out, its pretty dam good for a totally unrehearsed tune. The guys were “going to get it’ from the first bar, but you can really hear when Miguel is certain (well reasonably certain) of the changes, he lays into the drums like ledge hammer. The music made the miserable conditions of those shows disappear in an instant.


The Carnival Rumors

There’s a rumor floating around that I plan on recording “Carnival” and singing it in Spanish. That’s not exactly what I’m planning. Singing it in Spanish, Portuguese, French and a new English version is the crazy idea I have. I am planning to record a multilingual version of the tune. Let’s leave it there for right now.