A kaleidoscope of contemporary Americana, blending Electric, Acoustic, Rock, Blues, Contemporary Folk, R&B, with a little Soul, Jazz, and a touch of Pop. JTE’s singing style is striking, lyrically intricate at times cryptic and ominous, with hints of a wicked dark humor and a guitar style that is all his own.

JTE has released three solo albums and one compilation. Most notably “Athens” Produced by John Keane (REM, Wide Spread Panic, Indigo Girls) and recently wrote and recorded 2 albums under the name “KainAndAble” with singer songwriter Matthew O’Keefe. JTE is a consummate songwriter who defies categorization.

JTE’s guitar style is in a world of it’s own, rhythmic and percussive. With an unusual sense of timing. “I never took music lessons or studied theory. Just trial and error, I’m not a great guitarist, but I sound like me, nobody else”


JTE’s influences are wide and varied. They include Artists Lou Reed & Velvet

Underground, Beck, Aretha Franklin, Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell,

Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin & Mark Knopfler, Grateful Dead, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Mavis Staples, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dr John, Levon Helm, John Hiatt, John Lennon, Jack White, Grace Jones, James Brown, Parliament, Mozart, Benny Goodman and many many more.

The Songs

“The songs I write are each in their own world. They come out sounding the way the way they do because I follow them, see where they want to go. It’s a strange feeling sometimes when I write, because it feels like they are already out there. I’m just trying to nail them down. I don’t have much reverence for myself as a player or a singer, I do it the best I can, but I do have a reverence for the songs. Sometimes I feel lucky to be in the same room with them.”

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